#WCW: Lauren Conrad

In light of her recent nuptials, my first ever #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday, for those not in the know) is going out to Lauren Conrad. I was a big fan of The Hills in high school which led to my obsession of Lauren’s style. It has evolved immensely over the many years as I have been a follower, but as of late I think she is really workin’ it in terms of street style. Her style approach when it comes to putting together a look reminds me a lot of my own. This blue-jean-babe rocks the “high-low” look like know one else and stays true to her skinny’s and the front tuck. Her look is classic, but not boring; Sexy, but not slutty; and fashionable, but not intimidating. Below are a few of my favorite LC looks….

P.S. I want her life. (traveling the world and creating a successful clothing line? Yes, please.)

"#WCW Lauren Conrad" by serdarsa on Polyvore

[Visual created on Polyvore]


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