2015 Fashion Resolutions

I can’t believe it’s 2015. Where is the time going? I feel like the years are whipping by and to be honest it freaks me out, but this feeling is also teaching me that I need to have as much fun as possible and be the best I can be everyday, because time is so fleeting. Hey, I think I just came up with my New Year’s Resolution!

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to do a little Fashion New Year’s Resolution. Why not? Resolutions are usually about bettering ourselves, so why not try to better the way we present ourselves to the world this year?

Here are a few of my personal Fashion New Year’s Resolutions.


1. Make More Thoughtful Purchases. Less is more, and quality over quantity are good words to live by. I don’t know one girl that isn’t guilty of stumbling over an amazing sale and over-stocking with things that aren’t entirely necessary. Nothing makes me more anxious than an overstuffed closet full of cheap crap. I still need to work on not making impulse purchases myself, and I want to do that by sticking to a list of what I need for each season and not getting lured in by emails that say “50% off everything”.

Motivating.  Hopefully, this one will come to mind when I open the storage closet and gasp at the floor to ceiling shelves full of totes!


2. Be More Creative. I started paying back my student loans this month, which means it’s time to cut back on other purchases in order to get that very expensive education paid for as soon as possible. I envy girls who can take items they have in their closet and use their creativity to make them as versatile as possible.



3. Focus on Fit. I notice a lot of the time while I’m trolling Pinterest that I’ll see a girl in a fairly plain outfit and think “how does she look so immaculate in just jeans and a tee with ballet flats?” I see this with Olivia Palermo allllllll the time: her jeans hug her legs perfectly and are hemmed to just the right length, her tops hit at the perfect spot on the hips, and her jackets look like they were made for her. Tailoring tends to make the most inexpensive pieces look more expensive, and even more importantly, flatter the body better. I am guilty of not wanting to take the time to go to the tailor, being afraid they will ruin a piece I love so much, wanting to wear the thing right now, or not buying something I love because the fit isn’t perfect. But I realize when I look at others that it is necessary and something I need to do more.

Street Style | Olivia Palermo



4. Pay More Attention to Details. This year I realized the magic of accessories and the power they have over an outfit. This year, I am going to continue to pay attention to the things that make an outfit special and personal. Layering dainty rings, gold bracelets, and statement necklaces always gives a look pizazz. Also under details I want to address the importance of good hair and makeup. I notice that if the hair is ratted and the makeup is caked on, I don’t appreciate, or even notice, the great dress that a girl might be wearing. This is especially true when going for a classic, simple look. The hair, skin, and even nails, are everything.


pretty stacks of gold





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