Spring & Summer Inspiration for the Home

My last post was a collection of my current inspirations for my spring/summer wardrobe. But after we got nearly 17″ of snow this past weekend in Detroit, I have been in serious “nesting” mode, making our home extra cozy and cute. I have been inspired to update a few rooms in our apartment in the coming months. Keep scrolling for my favorite home inspirations and ideas for a fresh home this spring.

Organized Kitchen

Everyone knows spring is the time to clean the house top to bottom and get organized (although I am always cleaning my house and organized to a fault). This year though, I want to work on organization that is also pleasing to the eye and adds to a room’s decor. I love this basket above the fridge that can store items that don’t fit in a cabinet or be used as a serving tray, all while being decorative.

Corral the clutter on your fridge with a @homegoods  wicker tray to hold your kitchen essentials.  #HomeGoodsHappy #DIY #Organize

Neutral & Romantic

Neutral colors don’t have to be boring. I love how this bedroom is simple, soft and romantic with different textures and materials to still keep it interesting. The beautiful woodwork doesn’t hurt either of course.


Simple Candle-lit Living Room

This is the room I want to be in when I am trying to relax at the end of a long day. The candles make it soothing and smelling pretty and who doesn’t love a shaggy rug and fur throws?? The lack of art work on the wall and simple, yet thoughtful and elegant decor makes it the perfect room to kick back in and watch some primetime TV.

Dusty Rose Walls

I’ve been tossing around the idea of painting our bathroom lately. I want it to be relaxing and spa-like, but not that obnoxious sky blue or moss green everyone seems to choose. I am thinking a dusty (manly) purple might be the way to go. The color in the picture below is gorgeous and not too girly (although I think for a tiny bathroom I might want to do a few shades lighter).

Dusty purple wall color, the new neutral


I am obsessed with gold. It turns up everywhere, from my wardrobe to my home decor. I especially love an antique, brassy gold color like the mirror below. My grandma recently handed down to me an old, full-length, gold mirror. I CAN’T WAIT to prop it up against the wall in our living area for some impact on my giant blank wall. The wall color in this bathroom would look amazing on my living room wall with my gold mirror. The colors complement each other so well.

wall color with gold


I stumbled across this picture on pinterest and it immediately grabbed my attention, but I couldn’t really figure out why for some reason. I think it is the white vs dark contrast. I love the Dark wood of the dresser with the white of the roses and candles. And the metallics! I see a lot of them in this room and it gives me warm and fuzzies.


Standout View

At the moment our view is very…white, shall we say (a foot and a half of snow will do that). But in the spring it is a combination of lush green and sparkling blue from our lake and the trees that surround it. It’s pretty amazing and the first thing you see when you walk in the door (and visible from the kitchen, living, and dining areas). I love how the picture below kept everything in the room simple and a light neutral, to let the skyline stand out. Definitely going to keep this idea in mind when the vegetation is visible and growing back again.

C l a s s y in the city

Wardrobe Decor

These baskets. OMG I love them. Again, I love functional decor! I also LOVE the textures, blush colors, sequins, and patterns of the clothing peaking out in this room. I am not even entirely sure what is all in that closet, but I have a feeling it is my dream wardrobe!

Love the wardrobe and BASKETS!

Standout Plants

Who thought a plant could be the focus and standout piece of a room?? This ficus tree is gorgeous and MAKES the room.

#RueColor's Bright Bedrooms | Rue

Aztec Prints

Summer gets me jonesin for some print. I love the aztec prints in this bedroom. It feels so earthy and kind of like the room could be in a resort in mexico or somewhere exotic and warm.

Cool prints

Outdoor Space

There is nothing I love more than being outside with a drink on warm summer nights under twinkling lights. My balcony always gets more love when it gets warm out.

Dream Balcony

Jars as Candle Holders

Cheap, simple, romantic. Need I say more? They go with my rustic, vintage, romantic, glam feel I always have going in my apartment too.

Mason jars as candle holders

Summer Colors

This purple and teal really catch my attention. Flowers in these colors would be such a beautiful pop of color in any room.

Awesome color combo with purple and blue vases- this would look great with a Peacock themed wedding!

Springtime Colors

Same as above. I have a love affair with pink right now, in any shade or tone.

Hello, Paris! via BrooklynBlonde.com / @brooklynblonde


We already know I love gold, but lace is such a nice touch for an added vintage, feminine, and romantic feel. Lace always makes me think of curtains in an old farm house or my mothers doilies growing up, so I love that sentimentality the fabric holds.

Dolce and Gabbana Autumn/Winter 2012

{All photos and sources accessible via my Pinterest board}


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