#WCW: Taylor Swift

I woke up this morning hating Katy Perry. Weird and random, I know. But it’s really a product of her super bowl half-time performance that’s been festering within me.

I always liked her music. I mean, none of her hits have changed my view of the world or anything, but I won’t change the station in the car if Last Friday Night comes on. The issue I have is with the image she portrays. She comes off as such a cartoon character in her performances and music videos (and basically everything she does), that she is impossible to take seriously as a woman. Like a real-life Jessica Rabbit. She is probably a smart woman, but you would never know that by watching her in the media and pop world. The doe-eyed, baby-doll, candy-licking, boob-busting, trying-way-too hard, sex-object stuff? It’s just not for me and I feel it sends us back to the 1950s in terms of women empowerment. Her super bowl performance was no exception, and it only perpetuated this Kay Per angst.  And what’s up with her ongoing feud with Taylor Swift? I could be wrong, but maybe she has a competitive streak with successful women. It’s not personal, really! I just don’t get the “dumb, sex object” facade and I REALLY don’t get competitiveness between women.


This is starting to sound like a rant, and I don’t want to go there, so I’ll get to the point: My #WCW for this week is Taylor Swift. She is successful, and surrounds herself with many other inspiring, successful women. I respect this 10 fold. It would be so easy for women to let their egos get the best of them and be competitive and jealous towards each other, but she does not seem intimidated or threatened by another woman’s success. She may even be inspired by it. She is also very bright, dresses in a way that is sexy, yet not overtly so, and moves to the beat of her own drum. I have not always been a Tay Tay die-hard/Swifty, but I have to say that I have noticed her a lot in the media lately and the way she caries herself, shows integrity, takes risks, values her fans and their undying loyalty to her, and realizes the importance of the women in her life really speaks to me. Not to mention the girl can dress…

(I have a lot of favorites #sorrynotsorry)


5 Ways Taylor Swift Wore Skinny Jeans with Boots


5 Ways Taylor Swift Wore Skinny Jeans with Boots


How to dress like Taylor Swift...starting tomorrow


Taylor Swift stunned in a Jenny Packham

Taylor Swift - hair, dress, makeup - so cute!

Taylor Swift: Nashville Songwriters Association International Honors Taylor Swift

What illness? The singer looked fresh-faced and stunning despite previous laryngitis and jet lag

Taylor Swift in a Mary Katrantzou playsuit the MTV Video Music Awards

Taylor Swift for ASOS Magazine.

Taylor Swift ;  " I Knew You Were Trouble", 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, November 2013, Victoria’s Secret custom  Nicholas Kirkwood heels

Taylor Swift Embraces Angel Appeal

I cant stand her new songs or her really, BUT I'll give her props on her hair and dress choice, nice.

How to Copy Taylor Swift's Style   #skinnyanklepants #TaylorSwift

Taylor Swift in a black and white ensemble // #Fashion #Style

On behalf of myself & my closest... we both want Taylor's wardrobe. Like, badly.

Exhibit A: Taylor has the ability to shift her eyes in just the right position. Her hips have this majestic quality to them. They’re almost inhuman. | Taylor Swift Makes Everyone Around Her Look Like Shit

Taylor Swift shows off her long legs in a tiny black mini skirt

Cool and casual: The singer looked cute in a pair of denim jeans and a black and white striped sweater

Doing the rounds: Earlier in the day Taylor was seen visiting Nova radio station to do an interview

Stumped by Early Fall Style? Taylor Swift Just Wore Your New Favorite Transitional Outfit, So Take Notes

Taylor Swift - Style ≥ 2013

Look of the Day - July 26, 2014 - Taylor Swift in Alice + Olivia from #InStyle


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