50 Shades of Indecision + Valentines Day Inspirations

50 Shades of Grey came out today in movie theaters. I am on book two of the trilogy, and for those who haven’t read it: no, I am not a pervert and I don’t have a thing for books that are all about sexual fantasy. It actually is a love story and a psychologically interesting one at that.

Alright so here’s my struggle about this special day for 50 Shades: I can’t decide whether I want to see the movie or not because I don’t want the story I have come to like in the book to be ruined by a potentially crappy movie. I go back and forth with this conundrum every.single.time they come out with a movie based on a book I read and loved. It’s so risky because, unlike every other movie that comes out and presents us with a fresh story, this is a story I know (more than they will show in the movie) and already have an opinion about and possibly feel VERY strongly about that opinion and the context of the story.

I don’t know if this is the case with anyone else, but I have always found myself to be more emotional invested in books that I read than any movie I have ever seen. I KNEW I couldn’t bear to watch The Fault in Our Stars on the screen after reading the book because I was so effected by the end of the book (to the point where I balled at the end and thought about the story for days and days).

Oh, and I have to say this: I don’t love who they chose to play Christian Grey, and his character is such a HUGE part of the story! On the other hand, I love love LOVE who they chose to play Anastasia Steele. She is what makes me think I have to see the movie. Dakota Johnson is almost exactly the look of the character Ana that I had pictured in my mind: sexy without trying, brainy, kind of quiet, and yet strong minded. I would love to see her play this part and knock it out of the park.

Anyways, to celebrate this special day for 50 Shades fans and Valentines Day, here are some of my favorite romantic inspirations:


Play the flirt. | Victoria's Secret Push-Up Bra


Messy bed

silk romper

tulle and flowers

:: paris ::


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