Recycled Fashion

I LOVE a good versatile piece. They make my heart race. Who doesn’t love to get more bang for their buck? It is one of my fashion obsessions: re-purposing old items to make them new again.

What bugs me on a regular basis about blogs and celebrity fashion is, a lot of the time, they seem to never wear an item more than once OR continue to wear a certain item the same way over and over again. We don’t all have the back accounts of a real housewife (or the closet size!) and who wants to wear one piece and say goodbye forever anyways? I don’t like goodbyes. They make me sad. I like my clothes! That’s why I bought them…and I want to wear them again and again and again!

So, suffice to say, I love how Olivia Palermo (one of my style icons) reusing so many pieces in her wardrobe! This girl is loaded, but she clearly loves her aquazzara shoes so why wear anything else? The best part: you can’t even tell she is rewearing an item for the 100th time because the other pieces she pairs the recycled item with are a completely new style than the last time she wore it. From her hair and makeup to her jewels, she tricked you into thinking the whole outfit was brand new. GENIUS. Recently, I noticed how many times she has worn this Gerard Darel 24 Hour Woodstock Rafia Bag. And why wouldn’t she wear it over and over?! It’s s cute!! I love the amount of different scenarios and looks she managed to pull off with this bag. Check out the master at work…

Running errands in a blouse, skinny jeans, and flats

Get Olivia Palermo's Pulled-Together Spin On Everyday Jeans With A Seasonally Chic White Blouse

Poolside on vacation in a bold stripe short, tribal inspired necklace, and bright orange tank

Olivia Palermo wearing Gerard Darel 24 Hour Woodstock Rafia Bag, Westward Leaning Children of California Sunglasses, Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Watch, Pretty Ballerinas Marilyn Zebra and Mesh Flats, Tibi Orange Top Silk Halter and Tibi Variegated Stripe Knit Short.

Going to brunch on vacation in a floral dress and flats

Making a style statement: The former reality star wore a red and white floral print dress and flat pumps for the boat trip

Dressed up for fashion week in a drapey dress, a statement necklace, and cut-out heels


Running errands in the city in a flippy skirt, button down, flats, and pony tail

Olivia Palermo

Out and about in the city in a floral mini, ivory blouse, metallic flats and the perfect sleek blowout

海外セレブ最新画像・私服ファッションブログ DailyCelebrityDiary*#02-オリヴィア・パレルモ

Dressy casual out and about in NYC with leather shorts, an asymmetrical sweater, and patterned pumps

rebeccca minkoff shorts

Out and About in NYC in colorful shorts, a feminine blouse, and a wavy lob

printed shorts

Pattern mixing out and about in NYC in a purple floral blouse, floral shorts, and leopard spotted flats

love mix of patterns here! and blouse print is amazing

Boating at sunset while on vacation in a lace sundress and red nails


Out and about on vacation in a bright floral sundress and bright pink flats

Out in NYC a girly pink dress layered over a feminine blouse and metallic flats

summer dress layered over blouse

Out at Night on vacation in a bright yellow mini skirt, white button down, flip flops, and tribal inspired necklace

so summery!


Spring Style Inspiration

Here are just a few photos and elements that are inspiring me style-wise this spring. Some are old, some are recycled die-hards from years past.

Vinage-y Florals

I love a good floral. This year I am digging more vintage-y looking florals with dusty mint, mossy green, and light cream.

Love the dress & belt. And I'm sure when I get it I'll wear I seductively bite a flower.

vogue 1975

SLBD AKA Sexy Little Button Down

Yes, I just made that acronym up myself. I’m clever, I know. A true Gemini. But seriously, There’s nothing I love more that a soft, BF style button down. The versatility this piece provides makes me giddy just thinking about it. tuck it into skirt, tie it over this maxi, throw it on with jeans and flats, roll up the sleeves and leave two-too many buttons undone, wear it as a light jacket with an embroidered camisole like this one, I am going to stop now because I’m getting too excited…I am also digging a little gingham gone sexy! This print can look a little tablecloth, but a touch of sexiness like a short short or deep-v should do the trick.

The 14 Need-To-Know Trends Of 2015 #refinery29  Diane Von Furstenberg

Gingham Button Down Shirt and Cuffed Denim Shorts #style #fashion #blogger

Elin Kling in aviator sunglasses & a striped shirt #style #fashion #streetstyle

uPolka dots and stripes.


On one hand it reminds me of a grandmother’s handmade blanket, on the other hand it adds interest and texture to a look. Either way, it’s caught my eye. I would love a crochet bikini. It’s a fine line between grandma and sexy, but I’m determined to try it out beach-side this year. I’m thinking a tote is a great way to dip my toe in the crochet water. I am in LOVE with Olivia Palermo’s texture-rific bag. I’d love a bigger one to go from plane to sigh-seeing to beach on vaca.

➳➳➳☮ American Hippie Bohemian Boho Feathers Gypsy Spirit Style - Crochet Bikini

Swimwear: bikini lace summer white brown sea hot sun triangle swim white bikini white lace bikini  IDEA

Olivia Palermo

Maxi Dresses

I  know these have been in the rotation for years for many, but I really haven’t been psyched about them until this year. I’m a slow trend bloomer at times. I think my subconscious is just looking out to see what has staying power before jumping in full force. Actually, now that I think about it, I really am a look-before-I-jump kind of gal. Anyways. There are a few different styles I can’t wait to get my hands on this year.

Floral maxi.

The perfect white maxi

Sheer Lace Maxi. Yes, please.


The pattern that never gets old. Ever. They are just everything. Depending on the garment and colors they range from sexy to adorable, preppy to cool, trendy to classic, sophisticated to edgy. A comfy yet sexy striped tee with jeans is going to be my go-to-look for traveling this spring. And I can’t wait to prance around in a little striped tee-dress.

Diane von Furstenberg, Look #17

Striped dress

black and white stripes