A Trend Comeback Story

tommy hilfiger denim dress jelly shoes meduses ile de la reunion copyright paulinefashionblog.com  112 BLUE


One item that is making a comeback, that I had actually completely forgot that I used to be coocoo for cocoa puffs for, is the jelly sandal! Like a true 90’s kid, I LOVED my jelliessss. They reminded me of candy with their bubblegum pink hue and shiny texture and hellooooo WATERPROOF! “Perfect for the beach, Six Flags, and splashing in puddles” said my 7 year-old self back in 1999. And as long as you were wearing the correct size, they were pretty comfortable! I realize this is a tricky trend to welcome back. They aren’t particularly flattering for the foot and don’t represent anything near “elegance” or “sophistication” (which I like to strive for). But I’m a sucker for anything nostalgic, so here we are [They give me warm and fuzzies, what can I say…]. I think these shoes look best with a very classic, modern outfit, as to not look like you entered 2015 via a time capsule from 1998. A striped tee with super skinny jeans and a sophisticated handbag make these shoes work best. I mean, I wouldn’t turn up my nose to a funkier outfit either, it’s just not what makes me tick. But whatever works for your style and whatever makes you happy, DO IT 🙂

There are many styles that are either an exact replica of the 1990’s footwear or are purely inspired by them. You don’t have to go with the chunky heeled, strappy style in order to be apart of the trend and get that 90’s influence. I went with a metallic flip flop version (which you will see below). So have fun with it, make it your own, and do a little searching because the options are endless when it comes to pvc footwear.

Below is a little Jelly sandal inspo followed by a few links to buy my favorite styles.

Jelly Inspiration

Grown up jellies.


knee high socks and jelly shoes


Are you ready for this jelly?


Look cangrejeras de goma. Jelly shoes outfit.


24 Street Style Outfits To Try This July via @WhoWhatWear


not clear but they're holographic pvc AND jelly shoes so it counts


Casual, but this is so my style. LOVE.


Elle Fanning (via)


Idgaf. I still love jelly shoes :) I had like 10 pairs of these when I was a kid.


jelly shoes are back!!! Honey, we've been here since 1946. #Méduse #FrenchOriginal


Jellies for purchase

So cute for the summer kate spade new york 'filo' jelly sandal available at #Nordstrom


FUNKY Pink Gladiator Jelly Shoes


<3 Saved by the Jelly Sandal. When your day needs a dose of playful sparkle, you step right into these quirky jelly sandals. #blue #modcloth


BCBGeneration Starr Flat Thong Sandals - Shoes - Macy's

[I actually have these! very cute and quite comfortable! The metallic color and different style makes them modern. I must offer a disclaimer though: make sure you are wearing the right size. I wore these in the rain and my feet slipped out of them a couple times. Forgot about that downside of jellies…]





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