Spring Style Inspiration

Here are just a few photos and elements that are inspiring me style-wise this spring. Some are old, some are recycled die-hards from years past.

Vinage-y Florals

I love a good floral. This year I am digging more vintage-y looking florals with dusty mint, mossy green, and light cream.

Love the dress & belt. And I'm sure when I get it I'll wear it...as I seductively bite a flower.


vogue 1975





SLBD AKA Sexy Little Button Down

Yes, I just made that acronym up myself. I’m clever, I know. A true Gemini. But seriously, There’s nothing I love more that a soft, BF style button down. The versatility this piece provides makes me giddy just thinking about it. tuck it into skirt, tie it over this maxi, throw it on with jeans and flats, roll up the sleeves and leave two-too many buttons undone, wear it as a light jacket with an embroidered camisole like this one, I am going to stop now because I’m getting too excited…I am also digging a little gingham gone sexy! This print can look a little tablecloth, but a touch of sexiness like a short short or deep-v should do the trick.

The 14 Need-To-Know Trends Of 2015 #refinery29  http://www.refinery29.com/2014/09/74344/fashion-week-trends-spring-2015-runway-shows#slide20  Diane Von Furstenberg


Gingham Button Down Shirt and Cuffed Denim Shorts #style #fashion #blogger


Elin Kling in aviator sunglasses & a striped shirt #style #fashion #streetstyle


uPolka dots and stripes.



On one hand it reminds me of a grandmother’s handmade blanket, on the other hand it adds interest and texture to a look. Either way, it’s caught my eye. I would love a crochet bikini. It’s a fine line between grandma and sexy, but I’m determined to try it out beach-side this year. I’m thinking a tote is a great way to dip my toe in the crochet water. I am in LOVE with Olivia Palermo’s texture-rific bag. I’d love a bigger one to go from plane to sigh-seeing to beach on vaca.

➳➳➳☮ American Hippie Bohemian Boho Feathers Gypsy Spirit Style - Crochet Bikini



Swimwear: bikini lace summer white brown sea hot sun triangle swim white bikini white lace bikini  IDEA


Olivia Palermo


Maxi Dresses

I  know these have been in the rotation for years for many, but I really haven’t been psyched about them until this year. I’m a slow trend bloomer at times. I think my subconscious is just looking out to see what has staying power before jumping in full force. Actually, now that I think about it, I really am a look-before-I-jump kind of gal. Anyways. There are a few different styles I can’t wait to get my hands on this year.

Floral maxi.



The perfect white maxi


Sheer Lace Maxi. Yes, please.



The pattern that never gets old. Ever. They are just everything. Depending on the garment and colors they range from sexy to adorable, preppy to cool, trendy to classic, sophisticated to edgy. A comfy yet sexy striped tee with jeans is going to be my go-to-look for traveling this spring. And I can’t wait to prance around in a little striped tee-dress.


Diane von Furstenberg, Look #17


Striped dress


black and white stripes



2015 Fashion Resolutions

I can’t believe it’s 2015. Where is the time going? I feel like the years are whipping by and to be honest it freaks me out, but this feeling is also teaching me that I need to have as much fun as possible and be the best I can be everyday, because time is so fleeting. Hey, I think I just came up with my New Year’s Resolution!

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to do a little Fashion New Year’s Resolution. Why not? Resolutions are usually about bettering ourselves, so why not try to better the way we present ourselves to the world this year?

Here are a few of my personal Fashion New Year’s Resolutions.


1. Make More Thoughtful Purchases. Less is more, and quality over quantity are good words to live by. I don’t know one girl that isn’t guilty of stumbling over an amazing sale and over-stocking with things that aren’t entirely necessary. Nothing makes me more anxious than an overstuffed closet full of cheap crap. I still need to work on not making impulse purchases myself, and I want to do that by sticking to a list of what I need for each season and not getting lured in by emails that say “50% off everything”.

Motivating.  Hopefully, this one will come to mind when I open the storage closet and gasp at the floor to ceiling shelves full of totes!


2. Be More Creative. I started paying back my student loans this month, which means it’s time to cut back on other purchases in order to get that very expensive education paid for as soon as possible. I envy girls who can take items they have in their closet and use their creativity to make them as versatile as possible.



3. Focus on Fit. I notice a lot of the time while I’m trolling Pinterest that I’ll see a girl in a fairly plain outfit and think “how does she look so immaculate in just jeans and a tee with ballet flats?” I see this with Olivia Palermo allllllll the time: her jeans hug her legs perfectly and are hemmed to just the right length, her tops hit at the perfect spot on the hips, and her jackets look like they were made for her. Tailoring tends to make the most inexpensive pieces look more expensive, and even more importantly, flatter the body better. I am guilty of not wanting to take the time to go to the tailor, being afraid they will ruin a piece I love so much, wanting to wear the thing right now, or not buying something I love because the fit isn’t perfect. But I realize when I look at others that it is necessary and something I need to do more.

Street Style | Olivia Palermo



4. Pay More Attention to Details. This year I realized the magic of accessories and the power they have over an outfit. This year, I am going to continue to pay attention to the things that make an outfit special and personal. Layering dainty rings, gold bracelets, and statement necklaces always gives a look pizazz. Also under details I want to address the importance of good hair and makeup. I notice that if the hair is ratted and the makeup is caked on, I don’t appreciate, or even notice, the great dress that a girl might be wearing. This is especially true when going for a classic, simple look. The hair, skin, and even nails, are everything.


pretty stacks of gold




#WCW: Kristin Cavallari

I have been following KCav’s style since her bitch days on the Hills and always loved her classic, sexy style. I love a girl who has amazing legs and shows them off well, and she does it with skinnies, minis, and rompers. Because she is a Chicagoan like myself, I love following her winter style. OMG I almost forgot about the SHOES! Her shoe line. It’s to die. I am asking for a pair of her booties for Christmas 😉

Below are a few (actually a ton) of my favorite KCav looks…

Black Leatherette Skinnies + Black Sweater #chic #outfit #black


kristen cavallari, she of toned legs!


Kristin Cavallari Rag Bone Skinny Augusta e1375166488934 Kristin Cavallari in Rag & Bone Skinny Jeans in Augusta


Kristin celebrated her 27th birthday on January 5! We wish her all the love and happiness!


Kristin Cavallari looks happy as she shows off her amazing post-baby body while out in Hollywood


Kristin Cavallari


Kristin Cavallari wearing  Cartier Love Bracelet Chinese Laundry Celestial Pumps  Houston nightclub in Los Angeles August 21 2013


Kristin Cavallari Skinny Jeans


Kristin Cavallari


kristin cavallari/ chambray blazer love


Co-hosts Kristin Cavallari and Orly Shani pose before shooting the series premiere of The Fabulist!


Kristin Cavallari long legs in high heels


Kristin Cavallari in her Cadence flats at Chinese Laundry. Student discount available too! http://www.studentrate.com/itp/get-itp-student-deals/Chinese-Laundry-Student-Discounts--/0


So on-trend: The mother-of-two is among a number of celebrities going the chop for autumn


Give Thanks for Style

Ok, there are more important things to give thanks for. But I couldn’t help myself with the play on words. There are many routes when choosing a look for thanksgiving day. I mostly like to dress-down this day and save my dressier looks for Christmas and Thanksgiving, but to each their own. Below are a few options for Thanksgiving Day attire, depending on the environment. While we are on the topic of giving thanks, here is a short list of what I am thankful for this year:

  • My Health
  • Family and friends and their health
  • My amazing boyfriend and moving into our first home together this year
  • My career opportunities
  • Receiving my degree from Michigan State last spring
  • The creative ventures and opportunities I have had this year
  • My strength and confidence in a time of change and transition

Now onto the fashion…


This is the perfect look for the holidays that doesn’t scream “festive holiday wear”. No need to pair tights with this dress. The house will be warm enough with every burner and stove on cooking up the deliciousness and the house packed with hot bodies.

"Untitled #209" by serdarsa on Polyvore

Stella McCartney Blazer, Pelle Moda Heels, Lulu’s Dress, Chosth Necklace, Lulu Townsend Clutch


These jogger trousers are comfy to lounge in after the big meal, yet dressy and family-photo worthy (I need these for work!!!). I love how the leopard booties, fur bag, and jewels add a personal touch to this simple foundation of an outfit.

"Untitled #208" by serdarsa on Polyvore

Bauble Bar Necklace, Aldo Bag, Whistles Blouse, Miss Selfridge Ring, Bamboo Bootie, Topshop Pants


This Zara sweater is my newest addition to my winter wardrobe and I’m slightly obsessed. I love the texture of the Mohair and the perfect caramel color. With a legging jean and patent pump it’s the perfect look for a casual holiday gathering.

"Untitled #207" by serdarsa on Polyvore

Lori’s Cuff, Vince Camuto Bag, Prima Donna Necklace, Zara Sweater, Joe’s Jeans, Chinese Laundry Pumps

Ultimate Comfort

For the small Thanksgiving gathering and ultimate comfort level, this is the perfect outfit that is just as cozy as your PJ’s, but much more chic. Moody nails are the easiest accessory and a must for any winter outfit in my opinion. And of course, loafers are the most obvious shoe of choice for comfort.

"Untitled #210" by serdarsa on Polyvore

Kendra Scott Cuff, Urban Originals Bag, Zara Sweater, H&M Loafers, Essie Nail Polish in Dress to Kilt, Dorothy Perkins Leggings (Sold Out)


Travel Garb

The Holidays = Traveling. It’s gritty reality for a lot of us. Packing and dressing for such an event as city to city to city travel can be daunting. I always want to look nice and ready to go out for dinner and hangout upon arrival, yet not have to lug around an over-flowing suitcase. Below are a few of my favorite traveling get-ups that are comfy and practical, yet can easily be dressed up for a night out.


Day 1

Layers are #1 priority when dressing prior to hitting the road. This outfit is great because its stylish, yet warm. You can loose the sweater and scarf throughout the day as it warms up. Sunglasses are also a must have to cover up those tired eyes and help you catch some Z’s while on the plane/train or in the car.

"Untitled #201" by serdarsa on Polyvore

Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunnies, H&M Jeans, Danielle Nicole Bag, Black Five Sweater, Helmut Lang Tee, H&M Scarf, Forever 21 Watch, Forever 21 Shoes

Night 1

A blazer always dresses up the most casual of outfits and is so versatile. Next, switch out the day-time accessories for some night-out worthy ones and it’s time to hit the town.

"Untitled #202" by serdarsa on Polyvore

Nouv-Elle Necklace, Forever 21 Watch, Ash Clutch, Vera Moda Blazer, Nine West Bootie, Helmut Lang Tee, H&M Jeans

Day 2

Nothing is more comfy than a tee-shirt dress. This one is so adorable and easy to wear. A leather tote is necessary when traveling. It’s a great accessory and will also carry books, mags, a water bottle, phone charger, travel itineraries, and the like.

"Untitled #203" by serdarsa on Polyvore

H&M Scarf, Aldo Bag, Lulu’s Dress, Hue Tights, Mango Booties, BTB Link Bracelet, BTB Newport Bracelet, Sole Society Cuff

Night 2

Sparkly tights are easy to shove in your super-packed suitcase and can easily dress-up a casual dress. Again, it’s all in the accessories. The gold studs, fab belt, heels, and python bag take this t-shirt dress up a notch.

"Untitled #204" by serdarsa on Polyvore

Sole Society Earrings, Prima Donna Purse, Lulu’s Dress, Chinese Laundry Heels, Express Tights, Warehouse Belt (Sold Out)

Day 3

I just got this Zara sweater, and it is to die. A sweater this cozy and soft, yet so incredibly chic, is prime for traveling. Distressed jeans make it more edgy/sexy and in my opinion, it was made for a fantastic cuff. Since travel is all about comfort, lets talk loafers. They are the most comfortable, stylish flat that ever existed. These patent leather ones are sure to take every outfit to “fashion mogul” status.

"Untitled #205" by serdarsa on Polyvore

New Look Sunglasses, Miss Selfridge Bag, Zara Sweater, Madewell Loafers, H&M Jeans, Prima Donna Cuff, Asos Ring (Sold Out)

Night 3

Statement jewelry is the ultimate way to dress up an outfit. You can pack multiples in your suitcase and make your outfits look unique and different every day of your trip (with extra room for holiday gifts). Again, add a little bag and pumps to dress up your jeans and sweater.

"Untitled #206" by serdarsa on Polyvore

Sole Society Necklace, Asos Purse (Sold Out), Zara Sweater, Kristin Cavallari for Chinese Laundry Pumps, H&M Jeans, Prima Donna Cuff, Asos Ring (Sold Out)

Future Looks: Winter Style

Gimme the fashion! The winter fashion, that is. I am about to go way off topic as usual but, OMG I love Polyvore. Playing dress-up is one of my favorite activities. But….the clothes strewn all over the floor, hopping over shoes, and putting it all back afterwards? No thanks. The solution: Virtual dress-up parties on Polyvore! A major Polyvore Perk is when I am thinking about adding a piece to my wardrobe, but I am  unsure of how versatile it will be/what I can wear it with in my closet. Polyvore to the rescue! I absolutely love it. The wanna-be-stylist in me cannot get enough.

But anyways, below are a few of my latest Polyvore creations for this winter:

Cat Eye Sunnies + Chunky Sweater

Cat eye sunglasses with a fab sweater and moody nails = winter chic

A fashion look from November 2014 featuring rag & bone pullover, genuine leather pants and suede ankle bootie. Browse and shop related looks.

Rag and Bone Sweater, Mango Ankle Boots, New Look Sunglasses, Malene Birger Leggings, Faith Bag (Sold Out), Essie Nailpolish, Nordstrom Cuff (Sold Out)

Studs + Leopard

Leopard can look either so chic and expensive or tacky and cheap. These pumps are leopard print done right at an excellent price. Love them paired with art deco jewelry and this standout tote.

A fashion look from November 2014 featuring white v neck blouse, skinny leg jeans and high heel pumps. Browse and shop related looks.

Handbag Heaven Purse, Mango Blouse, Anne Michelle Pumps, Joe’s Jeans, Prima Donna Necklace (Sold Out), Seiko Watch

Mixed Prints/Textures

More leopard…obviously I’m obsessed with this print. I see it almost as a neutral, so pairing it with a similar, small print is so stylish and interesting. Also, I love crocodile leggings because they have less of the (unforgiving) sheen of leather-like leggings, but are still sexy and just as versatile. Paired with some Gold shine, bling, and a snakeprint? PERFECTION.

A fashion look from November 2014 featuring Marc Jacobs, green leggings and ankle boots. Browse and shop related looks.

Marc Jacobs Blouse, Prima Donna Purse, David Lerner Leggings, Timex Watch (Sold Out), Charlotte Olympia Booties, Greenbeads Ring

Layering + Skinnies

The winters are so brutally cold here in the midwest, so layering is an absolute must. But it doesn’t have to leave you looking like the Michellin Man or a Frumpy Grumpy-puss. This outfit points towards Glamour-puss instead.

Created in the Polyvore iPhone app. http://www.polyvore.com/iOS

H&M Sweater, Nic + Zoe Shirt, Mango Bag, Bauble Bar Necklace, Schutz Shoes, A Gold E Jeans

Scarf + Tee

Some winter days I just want to keep it simple, yet rich. These colors and elements do just that. You can’t go wrong with a cozy long sleeve tee and jeans. The scarf, jewels, and sophisticated bag and shoes up the glam.

A fashion look from November 2014 featuring long sleeve tops, Frame Denim and high heel boots. Browse and shop related looks.

Windsor Watch (Sold Out), Base Range TeeSaint Laurent Bag, Accessorize Ring (Sold Out), Nine West Booties, Frame Denim, Forever 21 Scarf

Accessorize Your Coat

How annoying is it when you go into the effort of putting together the perfect outfit, only to cover it up with a big, puffy coat? Well, why not make your coat the focal point and make it the main part of your outfit instead of an accent? Houndstooth is the perfect winter print to pair with a plain black coat to take it up a notch and the tights and shoes are so festive!

A fashion look from November 2014 featuring h&m coats, lace hosiery and rope jewelry. Browse and shop related looks.

Blue Nile Earrings, Express Tights, Chinese Laundry Heels, H&M Coat, Forever 21 Scarf, Neiman Marcus Bag

Hello Holiday Season: Style Inspirations

The holiday season is upon us. Christmas music is abound, twinkly lights are strung on every tree, pine scented candles litter my apartment, and the first few flakes have officially fallen here in Metro Detroit [today!!]. I have to admit it: I don’t love this time of year. *gasp* I know, but with having family in a few different states, traveling in not-so-pleasant Midwestern weather is a nightmare for my super-calm (sarcastic) self. Also gift receiving and giving is anxiety inducing.

But who doesn’t get a little pumped about the holiday spirit? Winter fashion and holiday attire makes my heart pitter-pat. What other time of year can you be dripping in jewels, sparkles, gold lame, velvet, chunky knit, etc. and it be appropriate? Below are a few of my current winter style inspirations.


Leather and Knit

My leather jacket is a winter-time die-hard. With a soft, sexy, scrumptious sweater dress? Yes, please.

leather weather.


Standout Studs + Fuzzy Sweaters

When its cold out, being comfy cozy is a must. Fuzzy sweaters are warm AND stylish. Win. The studs add a little glam.

pearls, messy knot, fluffy sweater


Sparkly Accessories

It’s the holidays…Need I say more?

:: sequins! ::


Blazer + Jeans + Standout pumps

Blazers are my go-to during the holiday season. They are versatile, warm, and sophisticated.

Classic look.



Love how this look is layered and warm, but without the bulkiness.

Cozy + chic.


Sequin Blazer

With a graphic tee, skinnies, and fierce pumps? Dying.

Blonde hair


Thigh-High Boots

turtleneck dress - so comfy


Cat Eye Sunglasses + Bold Lip

I am on the hunt for the perfect cat eye sunglasses. They make every outfit chic. And with a bold lip? Look out!